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Gainesville, Virginia


JP Lange – Consulting Arborist can help you manage your landscape.  We have professionals certified by ISA, ASCA, TCIA, and The State of Maryland, but we also have licensure as landscape architects in Maryland and Virginia.  Using an analytical approach, we are able to provide information on every aspect of arboriculture and landscape management.


Ashburn Village Landscape Inventory

After several years of routine maintenance programs and a number of landscape management company changes, Ashburn Village's landscape was losing its natural look, and it's overall health was declining.  JP Lange Consulting's LAMP Program inventoried every tree shrub and perennial in Ashburn Village's landscape; and with the cooperation of the existing landscape maintenance company developed an improved maintenance regimen.

Once we had inventoried everything, we set about developing a master plan for the renovation of major aspects of the common area landscape.  One of the more prominent issues was a network of concrete v-section drainage ditches that snaked across the entire community.

Because the concrete swales emptied into Ashburn Villages lakes, and then in turn fed into tributaries of the Potomac River, Ashburn Village is part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  JP Lange applied for and received a federal grant to turn the concrete ditches into naturalized streams.  We helped design and create water quality and quality control measures so the storm water function of the swales, streams and lakes could be satisfied.  With the design proposed by JP Lange, Ashburn Village's drainageways went from this:




to this:




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