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Gainesville, Virginia


JP Lange – Consulting Arborist can help you manage your landscape.  We have professionals certified by ISA, ASCA, TCIA, and The State of Maryland, but we also have licensure as landscape architects in Maryland and Virginia.  Using an analytical approach, we are able to provide information on every aspect of arboriculture and landscape management.



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Jeff Lange has been working in the Green Industry in the Washington DC Metro area as a consulting arborist and landscape architect for over 30 years.  During long stints with development engineering and design firms, he came to understand that most design was based on site knowledge that was usually too general to be useful.  While on contract with state forestry and environmental service organizations, it became even more apparent that site analysis was more often a "missing link" in site design.  There seemed to be only a weak connection between those wanting to develop a piece of land and the understanding of that land.

JP Lange Consulting was established to make high quality, expert consulting services available to every client.  Applying the same knowledge base used for design to site analysis provides the clearest understanding of what the land needs and can therefore provide for more environmentally sound development while maintaining cost effectiveness.  When trees - both existing and proposed - are considered along with and on the same level as buildings, roadways, and pipes, the overall environment is simply better.  

Our services are intended to create stronger links between Earth and Man.  With this in mind, JP Lange Consulting provides our services to homeowners, associations, government organizations, builders and developers.




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