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Gainesville, Virginia


JP Lange – Consulting Arborist can help you manage your landscape.  We have professionals certified by ISA, ASCA, TCIA, and The State of Maryland, but we also have licensure as landscape architects in Maryland and Virginia.  Using an analytical approach, we are able to provide information on every aspect of arboriculture and landscape management.

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Site Analysis and Tree Preservation

Landscape Design and Land Planning

Expert Witness

Landscape and Urban Forest Management Consulting


JP Lange Consulting is capable of providing consulting services for all aspects of arboriculture, landscape design and management, and urban forestry. We incorporate CAD, GIS, and GPS hardware and software to collect and manage data.  We have proprietary programs for landscape analysis and maintenance.  We have human resources that integrate extensive experience into every project solution.  We can connect our clients to the various on-the-ground companies involved with their project and guide them to their goal.

Presentation of Information.

We take advantage of technology whenever possible.  Many of the architects, landscape architects, engineers and planners with which we work have CAD capability and work electronically. We do the same.  Our deliverables – plans, reports, details, spreadsheets and other documents – can all be produced electronically to reduce waste and save time; and we can also make hardcopies.  When it is useful, we create presentation graphics for use in public forums, or where the “picture worth a thousand words" can best make the point.  

Personnel Training and Education

Our associates are all trained professionals with college degrees and advanced certifications.  Continuing education is a priority in order to remain current with the latest research available for managing your trees and landscapes. Quality of service is paramount. You will always find our consultants eager and willing to help you find a solution to your landscape planning and management concerns.


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